Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It’s a musical journey that we provide when your kid grows up

Just like a bright light catches the immediate attention, so does sounds as well. These are two features that make a quality toy your kid, and when RightToys.In is right here, you can definitely expect more and innovative out of the existing ones. That’s what collections at* are all about. Besides adding the fun filled experience that toys are characteristic with, our toys serve the utility purpose for executing learning and developmental phases as well. Toys like LEARN ALONG LEAP PLUSH, LEARN ALONG LILY PLUSH, Musical Duck, Musical Butterfly, Musical Roller, Chiccoland Sing 'N' Croak Frog, Fun&Music Bag, are capable of making your kid aware of the fundamentals like alphabets and number sequencing with its funny tunes that evolve when you press certain parts. In case you wish to do he same in an audiovisual manner, we have Discover Sounds Computer product for you. However, toys for purely musical purposes are also there at for your developing kid, and instruments cum toys like Learn & Groove® Alphabet Drum (Bilingual/Spanish), LeapFrog Learn & Groove Counting Maracas, Leapfrog Learn & Groove Piano, LeapFrog Learn & Groove Animal Sounds Guitar, Leapfrog Learn and Groove Microphone will not just give the first hand lesson of the respective musical toys, but also lets your kid identify higher level vocabularies in the form of compound words, phrases, complete sentences and many more. Your kid often starts crying to have your precious cell phone, and now toys like Chat & Count Cell Phone, Lights 'N' Sounds Phone, Vibrating Photo Phone will definitely make your kid happy and enticing, because these gadgets resemble the original mobiles, and they play the popular chartbuster upon pressing the respective keys. Even for infant level kids, we have utility musical toys as well. Lullaby Night Light is the toy offer that stops your baby crying, because when your baby starts crying, the music starts playing, and the lights starts blinking, so as make your baby relaxed. In fact, you can record your voice as well replacing the tunes.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Our toys will leave the multi tasking ability on your kid

The modern day demands a person to have multi-tasking ability. It's always better to develop that ability in the early ages, and it's certainly a good news for you that now, even toys can incorporate that skill into skill. Utility purpose toy maker Little Tikes has done a stupendous job by designing these stuffs, and RightToys.In has brought all these items at for your purpose. Developing skills like cycle and bike riding is now absolutely made easy with the models like Handle Haulers Haul & Ride, Rocking Horse, Rock & Scoot Motorcycle, 2-in-1 scooter, Rock & Scoot Motorcycle and several other models. Music is another element that every kid would simply love to have, and RightToys.In brings the opportunity to make your kid dance with the popular numbers. Models like the Pop Tunes Big Rocker Keyboard, Pop Tunes Big Keyboard Asst. Pop Tunes Music Mixer, Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar are the collections that can make any child full of joy, and this time, it's the collections at that will let your kid enjoy this experience. Collections at even caters for bath of your kid as well, and the models like Island Adventure Water Table makes the bathing experience of your kid a real funny one. If you’re to test the reflex activity of your kid, we have Barn Nester model for that. Besides playing, health development and little bit exposure to sport is also essential to develop the fitness, and Easy Score Basketball Set is just the ideal one to do that. When your kid is about to learn walking, accelerate that effort with our Wide Tracker Activity Walker model. Besides these playing options, we have models that will let your kid feel the idea of the household works, and collections like 3 Corners Play Around, Inside/Outside Cook N Grill Kitchen model will do that. You can get all these offerings at a very healthy discount rate, and it's RightToys.In on which you can bank on, because, besides quality stuffs, we get you our secured payment options and on time delivery facilities.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Make learning fun for your kid

When fun is embedded into anything, it’s the package that your kid would just love to have. The learning process is not an exception either. When you try to present the learning related things like Sums, vocabulary, and word identification in a funny manner, the learning process will be faster than that of the conventional manners. RightToys.In has the offerings that are of this vary characteristic, and your visit to opens the genre for numerous innovative ways that makes your kid learn things quickly. When you consider things like uplifting constructive instincts & enhance the infant’s power of seeing, hearing & touching, we have Pinochhio product, the one with soft, unbreakable & washable soft toys, squeeze toys, pillow toys & the very attractive range of soft block toys to come good at your purpose. Identification of the picture and its numerous parts is another necessary part of the learning process, and we have Flightless Birds package for that very purpose. Out of numerous picture parts, your kids have to choose the right parts, and then arrange them according to original picture. This tool is very much effective building the construction skill within your kid. Alphabet Tree is another offer from us, that will enable your kid learn and understand the alphabet sequence better, while the package called Basic Compound Words or Get, Set, Go Spell, word games that emphasize on word identification, based on logical and inference interpretation. These particulars are here to develop the vocabulary skill and stock of words of your kid. Besides words identification, Math skill development is another important factor you are to consider, and a visit to flaunts collections like Spider Maths, My First Sum to improve the mathematical base of your kid. Every kid loves stories, and RightToys.In has works like MY WORLD OF STORIES-1, Disney Princess to meet that. You can pick the comic strips like Mickey Mouse & Friends, Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan as well for the same purpose.